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Founded by Denise Cumella, Opening Value aim to create, design and build experiences to inspire and engage.
Customers are the only source of real growth.
Openingvalue combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in brand building, corporate communication, digital PR, Graphic design, storytelling, online communication and retail to help our clients create sustainable, organic growth.


If you’re a business owner or director running your day to day activities, you may not have the time you need to consider where you’re business is heading or to plan for future growth. If you’re looking for a sounding board to talk over ideas or brainstorm new opportunities for your business, then why not arrange a one-off marketing consultancy session to get clarity and focused on your goals?

Regular marketing mentoring

Monthly one-to-one mentoring will enable us to work together on a regular basis which will help to facilitate your thinking and enable you to develop an effective sales and marketing strategy. The sessions could last just one or two hours, during which time we would focus on your goals, the challenges you face and what you can do to achieve success.



We are an expanding international organisation currently with offices in Milan and Madrid with over 20 years of experience in defining and communicating the value of companies.
We believe in doing good and doing it well

The only way for your organisation to succeed in this interconnected, fast changing environment is if you are able to understand, release and communicate effectively the FULL value of your organisation: We engage all your stakeholders in finding out, releasing and effectively communicating the FULL value of your organisation – we love passionate organisations who want their employees and customers to fall in love with them, not like, fall in love.

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